4 smart moves for a climber with COPD

June 02, 2015 4 smart moves for a climber with COPD

I have been a climber since I was in my mid-30s. When I’m on rock or ice, I am in a very relaxed state. I’m balanced and flowing. I have no pain and my breathing is easy.

A novice climber wouldn’t experience this, of course, but after 30 years, I can easily get there. Recently, I discovered I need one more element to feel at ease: my climbing partner and I must completely trust each other. I learned this the hard way on a climb last year in Zion National Park. – See more at: http://www.healthcentral.com/copd/c/573131/176192/rock-climbing-copd/?ic=edit#sthash.6ox9U8JU.dpuf

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