12 Climbs. 7 Destinations.

7 Cities. 6 States.

Climbing 18,850 vertical feet.

Help send Phil on the Clear Lungs Adventure. Let him carry your flag and logo as he approaches the climb, does the ascent, and reaches the top!

Clear Lungs Adventure

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. 35 days.

From Minnesota to California.

How hard is this Adventure?

This is like The “American Ninja” of climbing with extreme climbs with tough obstacles. Each climb gets harder and longer as we head west. We end at El Capitan in Yosemite; the most famous big wall in the world.

Each climb is iconic, meaning it is long (up to 2,000 feet), technically difficult, beautiful, and has good flow. A 1,000 foot climb takes 6-7 hours. It is as physically demanding as running a marathon. Five of the 12 planned climbs are 2,000 feet high.

The climbs are are rated 5.9 to 5.10, which is in the “expert” range. Professional climbers typically climb in the 5.12 to 5.14 range.

For more on the climbs, read our blog.

Phil’s Story

I am a lung cancer survivor and lost one-half of my right lung to this disease. I am grateful to still be here since only 16% of those diagnosed with lung cancer survive. I also have COPD, which severely restricts my breathing.

I still climb, bike, hike and kayak regularly, despite losing almost 50 percent of my lung capacity. For more, Read our blog.

Read Phil’s inspiring story featured in “Guide to Living with COPD” magazine. Read the full story

Sponsor Us or Donate

Phil needs sponsors and donors for each of the 12 climbs in The Clear Lung Adventure. Sponsor levels are from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on the climb.

Sponsor options

  • get naming rights for the entire adventure!
  • contribute the full cost of a summit or share costs with other donors

For sponsor benefits, contact us at 651.414.0257 or contact us.

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Clear Lungs Adventure

Destination 1: Torres Peak

1 climb. September 8-9. Summit County, CO. Kelso Ridge route, elevation: 14,226 feet Feet: 3,600. Sponsor level: $20,000 total; multiple sponsors accepted

Why Torres Peak?

Torres Peak, Kelso Ridge. I have climbed this route before, but not since I lost one-half of my lung and was diagnosed with cancer and COPD. The 14,275 altitude makes this route a huge challenge for me; I have not been above 10,000 feet since my surgery. Leading up to the summit, I climb along an exposed knife-edge ridge. I have to decide at 12,000 feet whether I can breathe well enough to continue. At this point, turning back is more dangerous than going on.

Every climb has a personal story.

Destinations 2-7

Destination 2: Devil’s Tower

2 climbs. Wyoming

Climb 1: El Cracko Diablo
Feet: 650. Rating: 5.8.
Sponsor level: $10,000

Climb 2: El Matador
Feet: 700. Rating: 5.10d.
Sponsor level: $20,000.

Every climb has a personal story.

Destination 3: Eldorado Canyon

2 climbs. Boulder/Denver, CO

Climb 1: Rewritten
Feet: 850. Rating: 5.8.
Sponsor level: $10,000

Climb 2: Yellow Spur
Feet: 850. Rating: 5.10a.
Sponsor level: $20,000

Every climb has a personal story.

Destination 4: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

2 climbs. September 11-16. Grand Junction/Ouray, CO

Climb 1: Journey Home
Feet: 1750. Rating 5.10a.
Sponsor level: $30,000

Climb 2: Leisure Way or Maiden Voyage
Feet: 1500. Rating: 5.9.
Sponsor level: $15,000

Every climb has a personal story.

Destination 5: Castleton Tower

1 climb. Moab, UT

Feet: 550. Rating 5.9.
Sponsor level: $10,000

Every climb has a personal story.

Destination 6: Red Rocks

2 climbs. Las Vegas, NE

Climb 1: Crimson Chrysalis
Feet: 900. Rating: 5.9.
Sponsor level: $20,000

Climb 2. Epinephrin
Feet: 2,100. Rating: 5.9+.
Sponsor level: $30,000

Every climb has a personal story.

Destination 7: Yosemite

2 climbs: Closest city: San Francisco or Sacramento

Climb 1: Royal Arches
Feet: 2100. Rating: 5.9.
Sponsor level: $20,000

Climb 2: East Buttress of El Capitan
Feet: 2,000. Rating: 5.10.
Sponsor level: $40,000

Every climb has a personal story.

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