Meet Phil: A True Survivor!

Over the past 25 years, I’ve climbed mountains, rock cliffs and ice walls in five countries. In the U.S., I climbed Mount Rainier 12 times. My last ascent was just three months after I lost half of my right lung to cancer.


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Our Goals

  • to raise awareness on the need for early screening and diagnosis of progressive lung diseases, while…
  • offering the highest value to sponsors and partners, and
  • demonstrating the power of older athletes as role models and ambassadors for healthy and active living

How’s Your Breathing?

50% of lung function is lost before most COPD patients are diagnosed.

Early diagnosis matters!

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Why an Adventure?

Everyone wants to be active, fit, and healthy as they age. So, let’s talk about ageless athletes and how our stories motivate and inspire.  I will be 64 during the Adventure. Even with all of my health traumas, I’m still out there.  Come with me and my friends!

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Phil Huston

  • Motivational speaker, adventurer, survivor
  • State Captain for the COPD Foundation
  • Former radio personality and emcee
  • Real estate broker

My Good Luck

I was diagnosed early with both lung cancer and COPD.  I want others to be just as lucky.

My Health Journey

In the past 15 years, I have survived a terminal stomach cancer diagnosis at age 52 and both lung cancer and COPD at age 57. I also have coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, IBS, tinnitus with hearing loss, 2 rebuilt shoulders, 8 broken bones, and a torn meniscus.

“Phil Huston is a friend, a colleague, and someone I admire tremendously. Most of us take every new breath for granted, but Phil—and others coping with COPD and lung cancer—do not. He is living proof that with proper screening, detection, and treatment, people with chronic lung diseases live long, satisfying lives. All of us need to get that message out to our friends, family, and colleagues. The Clear Lungs Adventure is a perfect vehicle to do that. It is a breath of fresh air and a call to action.”

Paul Douglas, meteorologist, Aeris Weather

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