Our Adventure

Our Adventure

The Adventure this year is about warm weather climbing, although Phil also loves ice climbing. In future years, it could be about biking, kayaking, or skiing. The point is to have big goals, an ambitious plan, and lots of fun.

Each of the 12 climbs on the tour has a unique challenge. And each provides a personal struggle for Phil; something he has to and overcome. We will also provide updates here as the Adventure moves from Minnesota to California.

Athletes at Senior Games thrive on competition

I was lucky enough to compete in one of the largest gatherings of senior athletes in the country. This was the last thing I did before going through a full knee replacement in September. Today, seven months after that surgery, I am almost back in the...

New research shows that exercise is essential to managing COPD

At the COPD Foundation's national conference in Chicago June 5-6, the research summaries reinforced my personal experience with COPD, especially on the importance of daily exercise and alternatives, like yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. They also shared the need for doctors and potential patients to have...