Our Stories

Our Stories

Meet Phil Huston
Phil’s story is full of trauma, combined with high altitude adventure, with a dash of amazing luck. The combination has somehow kept him alive. He feels lucky and grateful, and wants to share his optimistic view of what a guy with multiple health challenges can still accomplish.

Meet Alice Tibbetts
Alice’s mantra has always been: “Question Authority.” Growing up before the landmark Title IX, she has broken down barriers for female athletes and challenged what people assume women can or should do. Her goal is to encourage women to discover how strong they really are.

Clear Lungs Cabins

I  can't get enough of fabulous scenery like this spot near Silver Bay on Lake Superior. But I I often rent a nice vacation spot only to find out I can't breathe inside. I am sensitive to perfumes of all kinds. I have stripped all...

4 smart moves for a climber with COPD

I have been a climber since I was in my mid-30s. When I’m on rock or ice, I am in a very relaxed state. I’m balanced and flowing. I have no pain and my breathing is easy. A novice climber wouldn’t experience this, of course, but...

The best 5 things I do to breathe easier

When I first met Alice, she kept telling me to slow down, relax, and take better care of myself. "Stop going 100 mph all the time," she said. "Take yoga. Learn to meditate. Calm down!" I finally started listening. Here are five things I do now...